Canvas Stock Number Archives
WWII MB / GPW Jeep Canvas Items Stock Numbers
Federal Ordnance Stock # Willys MB Part # Ford GPW Part Number  Description
41-B-15 A-372 GPW-17005 Bag, Tool Kit
8-B-11 A-7686 GPW-17008 Bag, Spare Parts
8-C-2358 (A-1133) GPW-18136-B Bag, Snow Chain, 6:00x16
GPW-17082 Bag, Key (with two H-700 keys)
G503-76-98476 A-3211 GPW-1103214 Cover, Windshield, Jeep
A-3070 GPW-1102980 Cover, Headlight, Jeep
Cover, Mirror, Rear View
A-2998 GPW-1120041 Curtain, Door, LH
A-2999 GPW-1120040 Curtain, Door, RH
A-3075 GPW-1166405 Hip Crash Pad, LH
A-3076 GPW-1166404 Hip Crash Pad, RH
A-2905 GPW-1164812-B Seat Cover, Front, L+R, Seat Back
A-2906 GPW-1163206-B Seat Cover, Front, L+R, Seat Bottom
A-2908 GPW-1166800-B Seat Cover, Rear, Seat Back
A-2916 GPW-1163846-B Seat Cover, Rear, Seat Bottom
A-3216 GPW-1152700 Top, Canvas, Jeep

Signal Corps Bag / Cover ID List*
Stock Number Description
BG-31 Tool Roll TE-9 Wrench Set
BG-44 TE-22/36/41
BG-49 Bag, Loop, Antenna (SCR-131, 161)
BG-50 Bag, Spares (SCR-131, 161)
BG-56 Roll, Mast Sections
BG-58 Roll, Mast Sections and Generator Legs (SCR-284)
BG-67 Cover, Mast Base, MP-37
BG-70 Cover (SCR-203)
BG-71 Bag, Carrier (SCR 194, 195)
BG-75 Cover, Radio Receiver BC-312 (SCR-193, 199, 245)
BG-76 Cover, Radio Transmitter, BC-233 (SCR-245)
BG-77 Cover, Dynamotor PE-55 (SCR-245)
BG-78 Cover, Radio Transmitter, BC-191 (SCR-193)
BG-79 Cover, Dynamotor BD-77 (SCR-193)
BG-81 Bag, Carrying (SCR-211)
BG-84 Cover, Radio Cabinet (SCR-193)
BG-86 Cover, Radio/Transmitter, BC-233-A, (SCR-245)
BG-96 Cover (SRC-228, 608, 628)
BG-98 Cover (SRC-608)   questionable
BG-102 Bag, Spare Parts (SCR-284)
BG-103 Cover (SCR-506)
BG-108 Cover, Mast Base, MP48
BG-118 Cover, Recorder/Scanner, BC-918 (RC-58)
BG-128 Cover, Amplifier, BC-908 (RC-58)
BG-129 Cover, Dynamotor PE-103 (SCR-284)
BG-133 Cover, Loop Receiver (SCR-503)
BG-134 Cover, Loop Receiver, Translucent  (SCR-503)
BG-141 Cover, Chest, CH-89 (SCR-499)
BG-142 Cover, Chest, CH-119 (SCR-499)
BG-143 Cover, Chest, CH-121 (SCR-499)
BG-144 Cover, Chest, CH-88 (SCR-499)
BG-145 Cover, Chest, CH-120 (SCR-499)
BG-146 Cover, Radio Transmitter, BC-610 (SCR-499)
BG-150 Bag, Antenna / Handset (SCR-300)
BG-153 Cover (SCR-510, 610)
BG-154 Cover (SCR-284)
BG-169 Bag, Spares (SCR-593)
BG-172 Bag, Accessories (SCR-694)
BG-173 Cover/Carrier, BC-1306 (SCR-694)
BG-174 Roll, Equipment (SCR-694)
BG-175 Bag, for GN-58 (SCR-694)
BG-188 Bag, Mast Sections (SCR-619)
BG-189 Bag, Headsets, Mics, Etc. (SCR-619)
BG-190 Bag, for Crystals (SCR-619)
BG-191 Bag, Battery (SCR-694)
BG-192 Cover, Radio Transmitter, BC-1335 (SCR-619)
BG-193 Bag, Antenna (SCR-499)
BG-197 Tuning Equipment IE-37 (SCR-536)
CW-41/U Cover, Loudspeaker, LS-3 (SCR-506)

Signal Corps Bag / Cover ID List*
Stock Number Description
BG-1 Bag
BG-2 Bag
BG-3 Carrying Case  21" x 4.5" Used in association with CD-2 Equipment  WWI
BG-4 Bag
BG-5 Carrying Case  16" x 12.5" x 3.5" & 7.5-ft Strap
BG-6 Carrying Case  24" x 13" x2"   Used in association with A-1 Antenna & Counterpoise
BG-7 Bag
BG-8 Case
BG-9 Cover for Gen. GN-8
BG-10 Canvas Roll for TE-7 Tool Kit
BG-11 Case
BG-12 Bag
BG-13 Case
BG-14 Case
BG-15 Case
BG-16 Carrying Case  50" x 5" & 33" strap
BG-17 Bag for A-71 Antenna Equipment
BG-18 Bag for LP-2 Loop  Part of RE-16 Radio
BG-19 Tool Roll
BG-20 Tool Roll
BG-21 Carrying Case for BC-69 Radio
BG-22 Booster Cover  65" x 33" x 30" 
BG-23 Booster Cover
BG-24 Booster Cover
BG-25 Cover for .5 KW Gen.
BG-26 Cover for 1 KW Gen.      WWI
BG-27 Case for TE-4 Tool Set
BG-28 Bag, leather, with lock,  for TE-4 Tool Set
BG-29 Leather Case for TE-5 Tool Set
BG-30 Tool Roll for TE-8 File Set
BG-31 Tool Roll for TE-9 Wrench Set
BG-32 Tool Roll for TE-10 Drill Set
BG-33 Head Set Bag for BC-24 Radio
BG-34 Mirror Bar HL-3/E-16 Case  Used in association with BG-35
BG-35 Case for EE-16 Heliograph
BG-36 NA
BG-37 TE-13 Drill Equipment Roll
BG-38 TE-17 File Equipment Roll
BG-39 NA
BG-40 Binocular Case  - WWI
BG-41 NA
BG-42 Cover for SCR-44 Radio
BG-43 Tool Roll    Part of TE-20
BG-44 Tool Equipment Case    Part of TE-22, 27, 36, 41
BG-45 Tool Bag
BG-46 TE-11/25 Tool Roll (13) Auger Bit Set
BG-47 TE-19/27 Bit Equipment Roll
BG-48 Case for TE-29 Tool Set   Part of GR-6 Sound Locater
BG-49 Loop Antenna Bag for SCR-131 (BC-148) & SCR-161
BG-50 Spares Bag for SCR-131, 161
BG-51 Cover
BG-52 Cover
BG-53 Power Cord Bag, Used in association with PE-46
BG-54 Cover
BG-55 Cover
BG-56 MS-49-53 Antenna Mast Section Storage Bag, with canvas straps, Part of SCR-506, RC-163
BG-56L MS-49-53 Antenna Mast Section Storage Bag, with leather straps, Part of SCR-506, RC-163
BG-57 Cover    Part of BC-176 Xmtr
BG-57A Cover for BC-312 Receiver   Part of VRC-1
BG-58 Antenna MS & Frog Leg Storage Roll   Part of SCR-163, 178, 284
BG-59 NA
BG-60 Cover     Used in association with BC-AA-191  Part of SCR-193
BG-61 Cover     Used in association with BC-189  Part of SCR-193, 200, 210
BG-62 Cover     Used in association with BD-69  Part of SCR-193, 200, 210
BG-63 NA
BG-64 NA
BG-65 Antenna Mast Base Cover    Used in association with SCR-694 etc.
BG-66 Cover    Used in association with BD-AA-67  SCR-193
BG-67 Storage Bag for MP-14 Mast Base & SCR-193, 506, 508 MS's
BG-67 Cover for Mast Sections MP-37, 57
BG-68 Cover
BG-69 NA
BG-70 SCR-203 Mule Pack Set Cover  Used in association with FM-18
BG-71 Bag for SCR-194, 195 Radios (Walkie-Talkie)
BG-72 Battery Bag  Used in association with M-132 Lamp  Part of EE-84
BG-73 Bag for Tripod Box BX-22   Used in association with M-132 Part of EE-84
BG-74 Cover for GR-3- Oscillograph
BG-75 Cover for BC-312/342 Rcvr   Part of SCR-193, 199, 209, 210, 245
BG-76 Cover for Xmtr BC-223   Part of SCR-245
BG-77 Cover for PE-55 Dynamotor   Part of SCR-245-G
BG-78 Cover for Xtr BC-191    Part of SCR-193
BG-79 Cover for BD-77 Dynamotor  Part of SCR-193
BG-80 NA
BG-81 BC-221 Freq Meter Cover (with ST-19) Part of SCR-211
BG-82 Saddle Bag (FT-236) for Radio Set BC-322, Part of SCR-194
BG-83 NA
BG-84 Radio Cabinet Cover for SCR-193
BG-85 Cabinet Cover for SCR-209, 210, 245-G
BG-86 Cover for BC-223 Radio  S/T BC-76 Part of SCR-245
BG-87 Canvas Bag for M-207 Signal Lamp Equipment   Part of SE-8
BG-88 Canvas Bag for M-1916 Tripod & BX-27 Battery Box   Part of SE-8
BG-93 Cover for RC-63 Antenna   Part of SCR-245-G
BG-94 Cover for Radio Sets SCR-293 & SCR-294
BG-95 Cover for SCR-508 Radio on M9A1 Half-Track
BG-96 Cover for BC-603, 604, 683, 684 Part of SCR-508/528/608/628/808
BG-97 Cover for T-21 Mic/RL-26 Part of GR-3 Sound-Ranging Set
BG-98 Cover for BC-923, 924    Part of SCR-608
BG-99 Cover
BG-100 Cover for Radio Set SCR-258
BG-101 Bag
BG-102 Bag, 13" x 12" x 9" for RC-192 and MC-611/GRA-4 Doublet Antenna SCR-284/399/499
BG-102A Bag for GRC-10 Antenna Parts, four used
BG-103 Cover for SCR-506 on M2 Half-Track
BG-104 Bag
BG-105 Bag
BG-106 Bag
BG-107 Cover
BG-108 Cover for Radio Sets SCR-508, 510, 538
BG-108 Cover for Antenna Base MP-48
BG-109 Bag for Rescue Radio Antenna Equipment  R/B BG-155  Part of SCR-578
BG-110A Bag for BC-778 Transmitter  CG-18, M-276, M-308   Part of SCR-578
BG-110A Bag for BC-778 Transmitter  CG-18, M-276, M-308   Part of SCR-578
BG-112 Cover for BC-412 Oscilloscope  Part of SCR-268
BG-113 Cover for BC-435 Modulator   Part of SCR-268
BG-114 Cover for JB-43 Terminal Box   Part of SCR-268
BG-115 Cover for BC-409 Keying Unit   Part of SCR-268
BG-116 Cover for BC-436 Range Unit  Part of SCR-268
BC-117 Cover for BC-409 & BC-453   Part of SCR-268
BG-118 Cover for BC-918 & FT-328  Part of RC-58 Fax
BG-119 NA
BG-120 Bag
BG-121 Message Bag, with 5 ft streamer. TL-214 Flashlight & 2 BA-48
BG-122 Storage Bag for Bag BG-140 Used in association with RC-120 & PH-411 Fax Equipment
BG-123 Waterproof Cover for BC-655  Part of RC-93 Test Set
BG-124 Storage Bag for BG-122 & 126  Part of RC-120 & PH-411
BG-125 GY-40 Antenna Guy Set Bag   Part of SCR-506
BG-126 Canvas Bag for Fax Equipment Frame FM-60 Part of RC-120, PH-411
BG-127 Cover for BC-1005 DF    Part of SCR-555
BG-128 Cover  S/T BG-118   Used in association with BC-474/RC-58, RC-120
BG-129 Cover for PE-103   Part of SCR-284
BG-130 Bag for SCR-288 Generator, GN-44
BG-131 Bag for SCR-288 Accessories
BG-131 Bag for SE-11 Signal Lamp Equipment
BG-132 Cover for Radio Set BC-1136 & Battery Box BX-55  Part of SCR-694
BG-133 Cover for Receiver Loop   Part of SCR-503
BG-134 Tanslucent Cover for Loop   Part of SCR-503
BG-135 Cover for SCR-206 DF Set
BG-136 Cover for SCR-206 DF Set
BG-137 Cover for SCR-206 DF Set
BG-138 Cover for SCR-206 DF Set
BG-139 NA
BG-140 Light-Proof Bag for operating FX-1 Fax   Part of RC-120 & PH-411
BG-141-A Cover for Chest CH-89  Part of SCR-399, 499
BG-142-A Cover for Chest CH-119  Part of SCR-399, 499
BG-143-A  Cover for Chest CH-121  Part of SCR-399, 499
BG-144-A Cover for Chest CH-88  Part of SCR-399, 499
BG-145-A Cover for Chest CH-120  Part of SCR-399, 499
BG-146-A Cover for BC-610 & BC-729/939  Part of SCR-399, 499
BG-147 Cover for BC-299
BG-148 Canvas Cover for CH-88  Part of SCR-299
BG-149 Cover for BC-610 & BC-729  Part of SCR-299
BG-150 Bag for BX-70 & Handset TS-13 Used in association with BC-1000, Part of SCR-300
BG-151 Bag for BC-1140 CBx & BC-1141 Amp.     Part of SCR-625 Mine Det.
BG-152 Canvas Roll for Antenna parts  Part of SCR-694
BG-153 Cover for BC-659, 620  Part of SCR-509, 510, 609, 610
BG-154 SCR-284 Equipment Cover
BG-155A BC-778 Xmtr & M-390 Parachute Bag Part of SCR-578B
BG-157 Jeep Container for BD-77/ Dynamotor
BG-158 Housing for BC-191, TU-5, BC-312, LS-3   Used in association withSCR-193-K
BG-159 GP Rubberized Cloth Bag, 22" x 16" x 11"
BG-160 GP Rubberized Cloth Bag, 12" x 9" x 18"   Used in association with SCR-211, TNS-3
BG-161 Container for BD-72 Switchboard
BG-162 Container for BA-37 & BA-38 Batts Part of SCR-536
BG-163 NA
BG-164 GP Rubberized Cloth Bag, 8" x 8" x 12"
BG-165 NA
BG-166 NA
BG-167 Cover for Sig Gen I-208
BG-168 NA
BG-169 Spares Bag     Part of SCR-593
BG-169 Back Pack    Part of GRC-9
BG-170 Canvas Cover for Xmtr BC-1149  Part of SCR-291, 502, CRD-2
BG-171 NA
BG-172 Accessories Bag    Part of SCR-694
BG-172 Antenna Wire Bag, 10" x 13" x 13"   Part of GRC-9
BG-173 Cover for BC-1306, HS-30 & batts Used in association with ST-60, 61 Part of GRC-9
BG-174 Bag for MSs & Generator Legs    Part of SCR-694, GRC-9
BG-175 Bag for GN-58   Part of SCR-694, GRC-9
BG-176 Antenna Roll   Used in association with MS-44  Part of MC-509, 611, SCR-399, 499
BG-177 Canvas Cover for Antenna Mast MS-110  Part of RC-163
BG-178 Two-piece Canvas Cover for BC-407 & BC-667 Part of RC-148
BG-179 Canvas Bag for Antenna Crossarms M-407, 408 Part of RC-163
BG-180 Cover for CE-12 Pack Equipment   Part of SCR-284
BG-181 Canvas Cover for Antenna Mast MS-119  Part of RC-163
BG-182 BC-1323 Carrying Bag  Part of GR-6 Sound Locator
BG-183 GR-6 Component Carrying Bag
BG-184 Cover for PE-97, 117, 120   Part of SCR-510
BG-185 Cover for BC-620 Pack Radio     Part ofSCR-509/510
BG-186 Canvas Bag, 10" x 14" x 4", for RM-52, 53, HS-30, TS-15 Part of RC-191, 261
BG-186 Cover for LS-3 Speaker   Part of SCR-506
BG-187 Canvas Bag for RC-291 Antenna Sections  Used in association with SCR-300
BG-188 Canvas Bag for AB-21-24/GR Mast Sections  Part of SCR-619
BG-189 Headset & Microphone Bag    Part of SCR-619
BG-190 Bag for Xtal Case CS-137    Part of SCR-619
BG-191 Canvas Bag for two BA-48 Batteries  Part of Pack Equipment CE-13
BG-192 Cover  Used in association with BC-1335, CH-291, FT-506, PE-219, RM-53  Part of SCR-619
BG-193 Golf Bag-type Cover for Antenna RC-293
BG-194 Canvas bag for SE-11 Signal Lamp
BG-195 Canvas Bag for CH-266  Used in association with GN-45 Part of MC-579, 621
BG-196 Canvas Bag for BC-1000  Part of SCR-300
BG-197 Canvas Bag for Tuning Equipment IE-37
BG-198 Cover for Control Box C-345   Part of MRC-2
BG-199 Cover for TTY     Part of GRC-26
BG-200 Cover for TTY
BG-216 Leg Box for PRC-8, 9, 10 Radios
BG-1942 Canvas Bag, 8" x 8" x 2.5"
CW-41/U Cover, Loudspeaker, LS-3 (SCR-506)
* Original List begun by John Scott
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