Obsolete 1998 MB GPW Price List Archive

1997-1998 PRICE LIST
The prices in this catalog are null and void.  It is obsolete and has expired. In most instances the items are long sold out. It is presented for reference and archive research purposes only. New restorers might not know what parts are needed, and old hands at restoring jeeps can reminisce about the good ol' days when parts were cheaper and far more available. The List contains about 1,300 items on 14 pages.
Please do not write or call to ask me to sell you an item on this list.
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Page and Section Names

Specialty & Rare Jeep Parts
Machine Gun & Vehicle Weaponry
Capstan Winch Parts
Radio Gear
Electrical, Gauges & Dash Knobs
Data Plates & Decals
Body, Frame, Mechanical & Canvas Parts, A-L
Body, Frame, Mechanical & Canvas Parts, M-Z
Jeep Tools & 'Spare Parts Kit' Items
Books & Manuals
Trailer & Other Vehicle Parts
Misc. GI Accouterments
AAF Stuff
GP Prototype Parts
Wanted: Things I Need For My Own Jeep
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