Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII

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Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII
Dedicated to restoring WWII MB/GPW/GP 1941-1945 Willys/Ford/Bantam Jeeps and Trailers.

Brian's Squadron Patches of WWII
WWII Squadron Patch Picture Gallery ~ visual  collection of WWII Squadron Patches from Disney, Warner Brothers, RKO and more!

WWII Jeep parts, Squadron Patches, Militaria, Army Surplus and Antiques For Sale online at:
Brian's WWII Army Surplus & Antiques Store

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Did you not get a timely response? - please consider what I do - it's probably not what you do for a living. It's probably not the same at all.
I am frustrated. By looking around my various websites you can see that I give away so much of my time & resources away for free. Recently, I have run into several people who are upset because I didn't respond in a what they considered a timely manner. Be advised that I go to swap meets, air shows, Jeep conventions, camp outs, off road events, flea markets, other antique dealers, and 'picking' road trips. The nature and locations of all of these events do not lend themselves to the internet, nor in some cases to cell phone reception. I am in the forest, the mountains, or the desert. I am driving off road or on the highways doing 75 mph hundreds of miles away from home. With spammers, scammers, hackers, and thieves trolling the internet you can understand why I don't publish the fact that there is not going to be anyone home between weeks X, Y, and Z while I travel. Additionally, as the #1 websites for both Squadron Patches and WWII Jeeps, I get flooded with 200-300 emails (1) every (2) single (3) day!!! - that's not even counting spam. That really adds up, and it's even worse with backlog when I am gone. Most people want information for free. With that many people writing, I could spend 24hrs a day doing nothing but writing responses for free.  I need to make a living, so paying customers get priority, but sometimes even those emails get lost in the the crowd of "help me" emails.  I do my best to help everyone as best I can. This is not a company with 15 operators standing by to personally take your phone calls & respond to you emails immediately.  It's one guy. Me. I do absolutely everything here and I have to make a living, and that has to be where my attention is placed first & foremost.  I've had the "Make a Donation" button up for 1 year. In that time only 1 person has donated, and he donated $1, of which paypal took out 35cents. I appreciate that he donated, it's better than nothing. If you want my attention, make a donation and put in your email subject line "I made a donation". Vet's excluded - You've done enough already. - Brian
Update - I wrote this in 2008.  I am now on gmail, but it's still the same and maybe worse. From 1am last night to 9am this morning, 40 emails came in. 1am-9am is the slowest part of a 24hour cycle... it gets busy after that.  2462 emails in my inbox... and I had spent 4 hours the night before answering & deleting emails.