Welcome to the Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII Guest Book and Map!
"The Sun Never Sets on the Mighty Willys Jeep"
This was a slogan used by Willys Overland early in the 1940's to remind people that 24 hours a day,
somewhere in the world, there was always a Jeep in use.

Today there are still running jeeps scattered all over the world.
They are still in use, and are loved and appreciated by their owners and fans.
Jeep People from all over the world can leave well wishes and greetings here.
Please mark your own location and leave a message.

Thanks for stopping in at the Brianís Military Jeeps of WWII website.
Please sign my Guest Book Map and place a push pin for your location on our map of the World before you leave.
Please be sure to List where you are from.   : -)
Keep em Rolling,
2nd Guest Map - Directions & 1st GuestMap Below

2nd Guest Map (now open)
DIRECTIONS: 'Zoom In' on map to zoom into your location.    Drag map to best position. 
Click 'Post' button.    Left-Click to place push pin at your location on the map. 
Enter your message in the pop up form or hit 'Cancel' to reposition your pin.
POST: Allows you to mark your location by positioning a Push-Pin on the map. 
Click left mouse button to place the pin
ZOOM + (in): Enlarges the map allowing you to more accurately find your location. 
It also spreads the icons out for more room.
ZOOM - (out): Reduces the map allowing you to more accurately find your continent.
ICONS: Switches from pin icons to dots, and back.
CONTRAST: Lightens the contrast of the map for easy viewing.
LIST: Shows all entries in guestbook style instead of map style.

 Some older browsers will not show the map.  If Map does not appear, please try guestbook here.
Netscape Users Click Here

1st Guest Map (now full)

1st Guest Map (now full)

    See the First Guest Book in the Archives section.

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