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Brian's Military Jeeps is a W.W.II jeep parts house.
Ebay seller: ww2jeep

For 20+ year my policy has always been the customer is boss. I shouldn't tell him you to spend your money.  The more money you save on shipping, the more money you can spend on jeep parts. That's why I have always offered so many choices re: shipping: UPS, USPS, Ground, Air, Priority, With Insurance, No insurance, Signature confirmation or not.

Paypal / ebay have taken this freedom of choice my customers enjoyed away.  PayPal/eBay are now forcing sellers to require tracking & insurance on all sales and signature confirmation on all sales $250 and over.  I think this 'protection' should be a choice. I fought them on your behalf and lost. So if you are paying by paypal, you & I are forced to play the game their way and pay the extra fees. So if you are paying by PayPal you must purchase insurance and if the order is over $249 then you must add the Signature Confirmation fee which is an additional $2.50 added to the bill.

Re: International Shipping:  Intl. shipping can go 2 ways...  <Click here to Read More>

  • Postal rates on my billing reflect my overall cost.
  • I won't make you spend more on postage than is necessary.
  • My goal is to keep your shipping costs down.
  • If you're buying several auction items, it's ok to combine orders to save on postage.
  • I ship Domestic and International. 
  • USPS, Priority, Flat Rate, 1st Class, Parcel Post, and UPS.
  • I will ship the way that makes the most sense for the item: 
  • Heavy items sent via UPS, lightweight items via USPS.
  • If outside the USA, please inquire re: shipping costs.
  • Postal rates below are for lightweight items, prices will vary for heavier items.
  • The Domestic Rate Calculator will help compute rates.
  • Origin Zip Code = 76247.

    • Because of the sharp increase in the cost of fuel, the longer lines (time) at the post office, and the cost of shipping containers & packaging I am forced to charge a $3.50 handling fee.
    • I will waive the handling fee if the item is shipped via Priority Mail.
    • So while shipping the item Parcel Post might save you $2, shipping it Priority will save you the $3.50 handling fee AND will get it to you faster, with better handling, and is actually cheaper in total than parcel post.

  • If you use paypal, then insurance is now mandatory.
  • If you want insurance, tell me, and include the extra fee in your payment.
  • If you don't want it, that's fine too, but I can only offer sympathy should something bad happen. It's your call - unless you use PayPal - then it is mandatory.
  • USPS & UPS both charge extra for insurance.
  • Insurance Fees Below (Insurance Coverage Fee is in addition to Postage)

  •    Insurance for USPS is an additional...
           $2.15 = $  00.01 to $  50.00
           $2.55 = $  50.01 to $100.00
           $2.95 = $100.01 to $200.00
           $5.10 = $200.01 to $300.00 
           $.90 fee increase for each additional $100 in insurance added.
    UPS gives you the first $100 worth of insurance free! After that, it is an additional $.55 cents extra per each additional $100 worth of insurance. UPS has a minimum charge of $1.50 after the first $100.
       Insurance for UPS is an additional...
           Free = $  00.01 to $100.00
           $1.50 = $100.01 to $200.00
           $1.50 = $200.01 to $300.00
           $1.65 = $300.01 to $400.00 
           $.55 fee increase for each additional $100 in insurance added.
    ORDERING / BIDDING: ww2jeep  (1225Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999Member is a PowerSeller
  • If you order or bid, you are expected to follow through with sale.
  • If there is a reserve and the high bidder does not reach reserve level with his bid, I may offer item to him at his bid at my discretion.
  • If you are 2nd place Bidder when the auction ends, you should email me. Sometimes you might still get the item (bad email address of winner, too much neg. feedback, failure to contact me, item has a twin, etc.). I might offer you the item.

  • Buyer Agrees To Remit Payment Within 7 Days.
  • Buyer pays shipping charges. 
  • Additional charge for optional* Insurance. (paypay insurance is mandatory now)
  • Money Orders are great!  Item ships faster.
  • Personal Checks OK, but held for 10-14 days.
  • Sorry, No Credit Cards except through PayPal Credit Cards only through PayPal.
  • Calif. Residents Must Included 8.75% sales tax.
  • OUT OF COUNTRY (i.e. non-US) Sales: may incur additional fee's for:
  • extra time required to process shipping paperwork, and/or
  • currency exchange fees
  • OUT OF COUNTRY (i.e. non-US) Buyers must pay by:
  • PayPal Credit Cards only through PayPal,   or
  • International Postal Money Order,   or
  • Check drawn on US Bank in US Dollars, or
  • Direct Bank Wire Transfer (additional $17 fee charged)

  • Website items purchased from us may be returned within 7 days.
  • Auction items purchased from us may be returned within 7 days.
  • Return's shipping cost to be borne by buyer.
  •  The amount credited will be the price of the item itself, less eBay's insertion and commission charges for that item, and/or PayPal Fees for the item
  • I am a WWII Jeeps parts supplier. Anything else auctioned off that is not a "jeep" part, is not my area of expertise. You, the collector/end user of the non jeep part items, are expected to have knowledge of the item. 
  • Consider any items in other areas to be like a garage sale; i.e. bargains to be found if you know what you are looking at. Unlike a garage sale, I will take returns for any items (jeep or non-jeep) up to 7 days after the sale was made.     : )
  • Here is a list of some of the non-jeep parts items I occasionally come across: Walt Disney, Bugs Bunny, Donald and Daffy Duck, Old Soda Bottles, 7up, Coke, Pepsi, AAC, AAF, USAAF, US Army Air Force, Air Corps, USN, USMC, Navy, Marine Corps, WW2 Military items & Patches, Antique License Plates, and other antiques.
  • See full policy on Legal Notices Page.
  • I try to let you decide how you want it shipped. An example of typical choices:

    Small / Lightweight Items such as Squadron Patches and Windshield Flags:
    USPS = $5.50,  Priority Mail,  in box,  in the USA, no insurance, no tracking, at your risk.
    USPS = $3.50,  Standard Mail,  in box,  in the USA, no insurance, no tracking, at your risk.
    USPS = $2.50,  Standard Mail,  in manila envelope,  in the USA, no insurance, no tracking, at your risk.
    Larger / Heavier Items:
    Inquire by email, a quote will be sent to you after you send me your mailing address.

    Interesting Priority vs 1st Class Tidbits gleaned from a newsgroup posting.
        Subj: Re: Does it really matter how U send it?  Priority vs 1st class
    Over the short haul, it probably doesn't matter transportation wise, although priority mail generally gets a higher level processing attention when it does reach its terminal post office.  Over the longer haul, it definitely does matter.  FedEx is the contractor for priority mail (used to be a dedicated private contractor, Evergreen), so priority goes on the same planes as FEDEX stuff (where you pay $12-20 for a "letter.").  First class mail is at the whim of the commercial airlines, who will put it back on the tarmac if the passenger and fuel load is high. There are always exceptions to every general statement, but usually you "get what you pay for."  Reminder, US law does not allow the government postal monopoly (USPS) to transport mail between cities.  A good bit of the trucking and airline industries today (and an itsy bitsy piece of Amtrak) are subsidized by the flow of the mail, just like the railroads used to be in days of yore.

    <<Listers, All of the emails about the costs of shipping and supplies and damage during shipping have been interesting. Having shipped auto parts via UPS, FEDEX, and by freight carriers (AAA Cooper, Southeastern Freight, etc.,) I can tell you the difference between sending an item Priority Mail and regular mail is whether you want the item to be shipped by plane or truck. Priority Mail is taken to the Airport, put on a plane to another airport closest to the package destination and then trucked to the address on the package. Regular mail is shipped via ground (truck) and may go through who knows how many processing centers before sent to the recipient. Basically the same difference between UPS Ground and UPS Next Day or 2nd Day air. By paying the extra for Priority Mail, you are essentially paying for the ride on the plane, but with a more direct route to the address. If I were shipping an item less than 100 miles, I would just as soon send it regular mail seeing how in this case Priority Mail would not get the plate there any quicker.>>

    Here's a funny ebay parody cartoon & game - "FeePay"

    International Shipping:  Intl. shipping can go 2 ways... the PayPal way, or doing an end run around them to avoid the forced fee's.
    EXAMPLE #1  - small items.
    This is the NEW way PayPal forces us to ship now. All sales must be insured & must be tracked. I am fine with it if you are.
    Standard Priority Mail® International (With Tracking + Insurable) = $26.50
    Forced Insurance (Insured for $200.00) = $  4.40
    example #1 Total = $30.90
    EXAMPLE #2 - same small items.
    This is the old way we used to ship until PayPal forced everyone to change. This way is almost 50% cheaper than the official paypal way in example #1
    Flat Rate Priority Mail® International (no tracking, no insurance) = $16.50
    example #2 Total = $16.50
    I absolutely agree shipping is expensive on the ebay/paypal checkout.  I have emailed and called both ebay & paypal several times. I've complained to supervisors.  I spent 6 hours on the phone going up several supervisors pressing the case for "flat rate" shipping... PayPal does not care.  They insist that to sell on ebay and be covered by them, that the seller must ship it with insurance and tracking, which means not using the cheaper Flat Rate envelopes & Small Packets Box.  The cheaper Flat Rate Envelope & Small Flat Rate Box can be used when payment is made by "Bank Wire Transfer" because PayPal is not involved. Contact me for more information on paying by this method.

    WHY can't I ship International orders in the Flat Rate Envelope/Box when you pay by PayPal?
    Because PayPal/Ebay rules and what the the USPS offers are in conflict with each other...
    (The only way around it is discussed in the green box at the bottom of this page.)

    The USPS will not sell tracking / delivery confirmation on the cheaper Flat Rate methods of shipping. Here's Why:

    1. Because of Intl. agreements with Postal Service Depts. in other countries, the USPS will not sell tracking, delivery confirmation, or insurance on the cheaper Flat Rate methods of shipping. (see high-lighted section at bottom of photo on the left).

    Without Tracking / Delivery Confirmation, this cheaper method of shipping violates ebay's & PayPal's shipping policies and protection rules. 2. ebay demands the use of PayPal as a payment method.

    3. Because they DO NOT have Tracking / Delivery Confirmation, the cheaper Priority Flat Rate Envelope & Small Priority Flat Rate Box violate PayPal's shipping policies & protection rules. (see high-lighted sections)

    Per PayPal:
    "Proof of Mailing" is worthless. It must show "Proof of Delivery". Which means that the package must be tracked. But per USPS rules, the Priority Flat Rate Envelope and SMALL Priority Flat Rate boxes are NOT tracked, and so they therefore violate PayPal's shipping policies and protection rules and cannot be used with PayPal shipments. 

    Ebay has also taken away your option to choose to pay for or to skip the expense of insuring the package. 4. Ebay has also taken away your option to choose to (A) pay for or to (B) skip the expense of insuring the package. (Full text Link)
    5. Ebay's own built in program figures out automatically for you what the tracked+delivery confirmation+"with protection" and insurance built-in method (but at a much higher price) cost is.

    I want you to choose the method you want, so if you are fine with it, that's great - so am I. 
    However if you are not, then read on...

    If the package is sent in the Priority Flat Rate Small packets box for $16.50, it saves the buyer a lot of money, but it suddenly puts the seller in a dangerous financial position - one of assuming all loss & damage risk from paypal/ebay for no finacial benefit to the seller since he passes the savings on to the buyer
    Do you want to do an end run around paypal's / ebay's oppresive rules?  Here are the only 2 ways I know how.
    There are only 2 ways I know of to escape from ebay's/paypal's repressive and costly rules; 
    1) Go off ebay/paypal joint payment system by sending funds as payment owed for merchandise.
    2) Pay by Bank transfer instead of by PayPal.
    Re: #1: I learned about this method from my antique bottle & insulator club.  They have posted a webpage showing a 'how to' at:
    So if you want to send the money via the "personal" method, as money owed for the items you want, then I can ship it to you without ebay's & paypal's meddling.  As long as it fits, I can send it in the Priority Flat Rate Small Packets Box or the Priority Flat Rate Envelope for $16.50.  This could save you a lot of money, but since you are the one who benefits (by getting the shipping for ~50% less), then you will have to assume all risk if the postal service looses or damages it.  I will provide proof of shipping, and purchase the postage online so you can have evidence. I've only had 2 out of 200+ packages not show up to the EU that were sent the cheaper Flate Rate way.
    Re: #2: The cheaper Flat Rate Envelope & Small Flat Rate Box can be used when payment is made by "Bank Wire Transfer" because PayPal is not involved. Contact me for more information on paying by this method.

    So shipping the approved ebay/PayPal way costs you more, but has tracking & insurance.
    Shipping off ebay/paypal using the Flat Rate envelope/box is cheaper, but means that you have to send the money as a personal "Money Owed" transaction and you have to assume the risk of it being lost or damaged.

    It's not a problem to ship it via the "off ebay" method. It means more $ can go towards the restoring jeeps and not into the postman's pocket.
    Or I can ship it fully within the PayPal/ebay method with the protection (good) & expense (bad) that it provides.

    It is up to you which shipping method you decide on since it is your money being spent.  Just let me know which one you want so I can total it up.
    I'm doing my best to give you choices.


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