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Hello again,
I am back from 10 busy months.  It started with me doing some construction & clean up on my house, and then the same at the girlfriends.  In the middle of that we found out that her company was relocating 1500 miles to Texas.  So we spent many weeks selling her house, and looking around Texas for a new one.  A couple months later came the move - I helped move her, but all the jeep parts stayed in Calif.  After a few months of getting settled in, we started making trips back to Calif., but the situation just didn't lend itself to digging out parts, cleaning them, taking pics, cropping & uploading, and then writing ads, boxing them up, and waiting a week for the sale, and then another wait to get paid.  By the time all that was accomplished, I would be in another state and couldn't follow through until the next trip out.  That just wouldn't work for any of us.  Things have finally settled down a bit, so I have dug out about 400 WWII MB/GPW parts to sell.

I am working on organizing them and getting photos posted.  With that many items it will take some time.

I will notify everyone on the list when I get each batch uploaded.

In order to know what I have for sale, please make sure the mass mail newsletter gets through your spam filter.

Please clear the following email addresses:

Hope all is well with everyone and I hope you will enjoy the parts.

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