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    I am glad I could play a small part in restoring these rare and historic vehicles.
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Owning a restored Army Jeep or other Military Vehicle allows you to get involved in many social activities such as;
Parades, Air Shows, Museum Events, Re-enactments, Tributes, Veterans Groups, Jeep Camp Outs, Road Rallies, Cruise Nights, Historic Districts / Old Towne Days, Military Base Open Houses, Car Clubs, 4x4 Clubs. It's Fun for the whole family.
The Best of Show - The best in class

    Large Files, why? Because they deserve to be!

Alasdair "Al" Brass, New Zealand, 1942 Ford GPW ~ Pristine, notice everything (3 pics)

Gny. Sgt. Lee Ermey, History Channel, 1942 Ford GPW - "Mail Call" TV Show - Very Nice Early Jeep

Larry Fisher, 1945 Ford GPW ~ Pristine, notice all the little details and accessories! (2 pics)

John R. Holzinger, 1942 Ford GPW (SN#13024) ~ "Emily" ~ Beautifully detailed. Great accessories. Killer Trailer. The GPW is marked to 2nd Regiment HQ, Vehicle #9, First Special Service Force (1SSF, The Devil's Brigade). The pentagon was the tactical symbol for the First Special Service Force. Jeep has 4 early solid rims and 30cal machine gun which can be mounted on either the m48 dash mount or the M31c Pedestal Mount & Traveling Arm. (4 pictures).

Barry Ogle, WWII Ford GPW ~ Pristine,  notice everything

Dr. James Tait, 1943 Ford GPW ~ Pristine in 8th AAF colors, notice everything (5 pics)
Honorable Mention - Restorations

Octavio Aguilar, Napa, CA, WWII Jeep in cobat condition & battle weary ~ pic from 2002 Big Bear Rally

Hayward Albright, 1945 Willys MB ~ great restoration, notice Tandem Towbar, WWII Scrim Camo Net, (parade photograph)

Brian & Debbie Alexander, 1941 Willys Slat Grill MB, #107973, DOD 12-31-41 ~ great restoration, notice early rubber hood blocks, (parade photo),
    Hayward Albright & Brian Alexander at Eagle Field, Debbie Alexander & Bucky & Kayla, Brian & Debbie Alexander at Chandler Field

Jeff Bombay, WW2 1945 Willys MB jeeps ~ Photos of 2 separate jeeps. Both are 1945 Willys Jeeps. The top Willys MB has the late style winter top and a complete radio set.  The lower Willys MB has the capstan winch and a very, very rare AND complete odograph map maker.  EXCELLENT WORK!  Thanks Jeff!

Bo Boring, WWII jeep ~ 'fish jeep' in parade  :-)

Jerry Bowen ~ 1942 Mounted Cavalry ~ no, it's not stuffed, and neither is the horse  :-)

Bob Bucci, 1942 Script GPW ~ basket case saved

Dennis Bullock, 1942 GPW ~ nice jeep

Giulio Canova, Italy, 1944 MB ~ nice jeep ~ notice Radio Junction Box Lead Washers

Don and Dave Christenson, 1942 Ford GPW ~ good runner (wrong rims, hood, antenna, reflectors, shovel, seats, pintle hook, trailer socket, tire mount, windshield, taillights)

Scott, Shawn, and Christopher Colacchia ~ My Nephews at Woodson Bridge Rally, Fall 2002

Manfred Ciotto, Switzerland, 1942 GPW ~ excellent, notice Surge Tank, 1/2 doors

Dave Compton, 1941 Ford GP prototype ~ excellent

Ross Darling, Twisp, WA ~ "Snow Leopard" the motor coach, and his CUCV

Ivan Dizon, Philippines, 1942 Willys MB Slatte Grille ~ nice job. One of the last Slat grille jeeps. notice glove box & conbat rims, no gas can rack. Incorrect reflectors.

Tom Fay, 1942 GPW - excellent

Brian French (Me), 1942 Willys Slatgrill MB ~ as found on day of purchase, lots of potential

Tony Fucci, 1950 M-38 ~ excellent, notice Windshield Cover, Bridge Plate, Tow Rope, .50cal HB MG on M-31C pedastal, (pic from2002 Big Bear rally)

Benie Gaum, Germany, 1943 GPW ~ excellent, notice collapsing water bucket

Jeffrey Glasser, Western UK, 1942 GPW ~ excellent workmanship on this restoration Sooth & straight as you would wish for.
Hi Brian, I've been into your site for some time, It's good to find one of such high quality and containing so much of interest to all jeep lovers. I've attached a few photo's of my own restoration, done some 8 years ago, and a couple taken fairly recently. It took me three years and a huge amount of money, but it was worth every penny. I don't think I could ever sell it. As you can see, it really was a basket case, but 30 years in the car body repair trade paid off. I toured Normandy in it in  June 2004, to celebrate the D-Day landings. A great week. It's a 1942 G.P.W. Everything rebuilt or replaced. It's not a daily runner, but gets used whenever the weather is good.  ( not very often here in the west country of England). It's finished in the markings of I believe the personal jeep of  Lt Joeseph Kennedy Jr. U.S.Navy ( President J.F.K's elder brother ) whilst based At Dunkeswell in Devon during W.W.II.  I did the best I could using an old black and white photo, which was not in the best condition!, so please allow a little artistic licence!!  I chose this because up untill recently I was a co owner of this still thriving airfield. P.B.4.Y. 1's ( Liberators ) and P.B.Y. 5A's were flown on anti U-boat patrols from here. ( Kennedy being killed during operation 'Aphrodite'). Please use as you feel fit. Best regards  Jeff.  Tanks again for an excellent website.

Jean Pierre Grochowski, France, jeeps & trailers ~ notice WO engine

J. Hardin, 1942 GPW ~ mid restoration

Don Hege, 1942 Script GPW #713 ~ excellent, super early, notice correct shovel, and early B.O. Light Guard

Charles Holcomb, 1941 Ford GP prototype ~ restorable

JJ Militaria, 1943 GPW ~ at re-enactment

Mark & Kelli Jones ~ 1942 GMC Firetruck ~ excellent ~ pic from 2002 Big Bear Rally (yes, that is me next to Kelli). Nurse Kelli in action - Patterson ~1986
     Kelli & MelissaKelli & Melissa & Sam the Alligator Lizard.

Mike Keller, 1942 Slatgrill MB ~ USMC, excellent

Martin Knapp, 1942 GPW

Jerry Layman, 1942 GPW ~ excellent, notice correct shovel

Peter Lear, 1941 Ford GP Prototype ~ restorable

Benie Maduzia, Late WWII jeep ~ excellent engine, notice Ignition Noise Shielding on spark plugs & wires, (wrong horn)

Radek Marcin and brother - 1943 Ford GPW - Czech Republic - some modifications, but mostly all there. An excellent candidate for a full restoration.

Bruce Noyes, WWII jeep ~ basket case

Laura Plate, WWII USMC Jeep & Jeep TJ ~ 1940's meets 2000's

Jeff Polidoro, 1944/45 CJ-2 ~ rare, not a CJ-2a!

Charles Raible, 1943 GPW ~ correct shovel, front wheel hubs, (wrong tow bar)

Bill Roloff, 1945 Navy Wil-Ford ~ modified and lots of goodies. 2.Tandem Tow Bar, Siren, Red Light, 3. Capstan Winch, 4.Thompson, Late Stamped Steel Pintle Hook
Bill Roloff, 1950 M38 ~ highly modified, Capstan Winch, Tandem Towbar, Red MP Light & Siren, Racing Head, Frt & Rr Locking Hubs

Robert de Ruyter, 1945 MB ~ notice Surge Tank

Jon Schneider, 1942 GPW ~ notice 30ca/ MG on M31C pedastal Mount, early B/O Guard, Tow Rope, Windshield Cover, Radio Antenna, (wrong shovel)  (Jeep #2)

Ed Schommer, 1942 Willys Slat Grill MB ~ excellent, 5 pics (pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5), notice Headlight Guards, (wrong mirror, shovel, turn signals)

Bob Solomon, 1942 Script GPW ~ 4 pics, excellent jeep, notice early steering wheel, (wrong horn)

Rick Strollo, 1942 GPW ~ excellent

Don Teresi, 1943 MB ~ before pic, nice, very original

Wouter van Munster, Netherlands, 1943 Willys MB ~ a very original Jeep in full British RAF livery. Beautiful! Very well done! Nice to see a non US portrayal. Parade 1, Parade 2

David Vollborth, France - July 1944 Willys MB "Charlotte" - beautiful restoration!

David Wright, 1942 GPW ~ excellent, notice Korean War paint scheme, canvas cover on .50cal machine gun

unknown, WWI machine gun automobile ~ excellent

unknown, 1942 Willys MBT 1/4ton Jeep Trailer ~ pic from 2002 Big Bear Rally
Jeep Friends to Remember - gone, but not forgotten

Emil "Butch" Siegfried (driver in pic). SCMVCC member, who had attended many Big Bear Jeep Rallies and restored many jeeps, WWII, Korean M-38, and Vietnam War M151, M151A1, M151A2 and lots more at his Corona, Calif. jeep restoration shop.  Here Are 2 wonderfully restored WWII Ford GPWs, Butch's AAF is shown with the Geisler's NAVY jeep. He was a survivor of theBattle of theChosin Reservoir with the USMC. His help, knowledge and warm smile will be missed by the many friends he leaves behind.

Mr. French,

My name is Melissa and I am Butch Siegfried's granddaughter.  I was going through his email and took a look at the website with his pictures on it.  I would like to thank you.  I know how much my Papa enjoyed his jeeps and he will forever be missed.  Take care and please keep Butch in your hearts.
Melissa Tharp

Here are some pics of "Emily" '42 GPW (Ser. No. GPW13024) . What do ya think?
B/O guard, fenders, suspension parts, et al came from you back in the early 1990's.
(Lunette ring, landing leg, cast draw bracket etc. from you also)
Better pics to follow!!! (M48 mount added Spring 2001.)
John R. Holzinger

Dear John,
Congratulations on winning a place on the BEST OF SHOW list on Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII website.
Your jeep and Trailer are fabulous. Thanks for sending me the photographs. They will be posted to the page shortly.  :)

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