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Jeep Toys, Models, Etc...
     Fine Art Models : Jeep MB - The Most amazingly detailed Model Jeep I have seen.
     Jeep Collectibles
     Jeep Amusement Park Vehicles
     Military ID Models
     Mil-Mod - US Army Modeling site
     Great Custom Military Vehicles made from Lego's
     Great Jeep made from Meccano Set (like Erector Set)   (What's Meccano?)
     Jeep Modded Computer Case Project
     Jeep Art Project in Moab, Utah - wild!

W.W.II Jeep Miniatures / Pedal Cars
    Modern BEMAK Mini
    1940's 'Build Your Own Child's Jeep' instructions (below "Jeep Woody" instructions)
    1948 'Build Your Own Child Size' Jeep
    1/5 Scale Sherman Tank (OK, not a Jeep, but way cool anyway)

The MB/GPW Pages  (WWII Jeeps)
     MB/GPW Message Boards
     Canadian Jeep owner - belzil
     WWII Jeeps converted to Wood bodied Woodie Wagons - Terry In Santa Rosa, CA
     Jeeps on the Rails
Old Willys Jeep Sites  (CJ-2, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-4)
     1944-1945 CJ-2
     1945-1949 CJ-2A
     1949-1953 CJ-3A
     1953-1968 CJ-3B
          1950     CJ-4

Military Jeep Sites  (M-Series)
     Andy's French Military Jeep Site
     1950 CJ-4M
     1953-1968 M606
     Chart of All Military Jeeps -
     1954 M38A1 Restoration project

Modern Civilian Jeeps (CJ, YJ, TJ)Jeep CJJeep YJJeep TJ

     Ammoman's Jeep - 2000 TJ with Military themes
     A funny, funny blog story, very well writen and so true - a must read for jeepers
     1954-1983 CJ-5
     1955-1975 CJ-6
     1976-1986 CJ-7
     1981-1985 CJ-8 Scrambler
     Jeep® CJ Gauge & Sender Diagnostics
     JP Magazine - the only All Jeep mag. Jeep Pages - holy cow - there are some seriously radical jeeps here

Jeep & JeepingJeep Madness of Texas
Off-Road, 4X4, 4-Wheeler, SUV Pages  (Hi-Performance)
     4-Wheel Drive/SUVs - Home Page Jeep Pages - Off Road Camping
     .4x4Wire - for 4x4, 4WD Truck, & SUV Information

Other Jeep Corp. Vehicle Sites (Postal, Gladiator, Honcho, PU, Cherokee, Wagoneer)Jeep XJ
     The Postal Jeep Page
     American Jeepster Club Forum
     Jeep Gladiator Argentina
     Postal Jeep Parts Plus - specializes in DJ5 RHD Postal Jeep Parts. New, used, aftermarket - hard to get parts for all Postals. For items not listed or if you have a problem call me. 469-951-3500

Military Vehicles
    Military Vehicle Repair & Restoration, Inc. Albion, Indiana
    Military Vehicle Radios
    Military Data Plates - Dan Parmley Jr
    Southern California Military Vehicles Collectors Club
    Military Vehicle Owners of Orange County
    Military Vehicle Collectors of California (Northern Calif.)
    Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA)
    Military Vehicles Magazine
    MilWeb of the UK
    RR Motor Services, Kent, England, UK
    Military Vehicle Collectors Society of SA Inc.
    Bootlegged Chinese Hummers
    Panzers of the Wehrmacht - Informative site dedicated to the men and vehicles of the German Armed Forces of the Second World War. Contains an excellent image gallery.
    Recovering a remarkably well preserved WWII Tank from a lake bottom - DODGE WC43 - Telephone Line Repair Truck - only 360 were built, in 1942 - All sorts of cool Military Veicles - US and non-USA - mainly M-series & Brit armor
    Tim Scriven's ~ Tim's Tank World - a great collection of military vehicles located 'Down Under" - check out the Parachutist Push Bike

WWII History Sites
     Stand Where They Fought - Great site that takes you to famous battle sites and shows how they look today, including monuments, a Then & Now website.
     What was V-Mail?
     The World War II Oral History web site
     Lesser Known Facts of the Second World War
     Welcome to OLIVE-DRAB.COM
     Der Führer's Face - Words and MP3 Audio
     Air Raid Sirens - Interestning website on WWII & Cold war Air Raid & Civil Defense Sirens
     How To Hide An Airplane Factory - During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to
      hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to protect it from a Japanese air attack. They covered it with
      camouflage netting and trompe l’oeil to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air. Photos.
     American Veterans - great stories & recollections from veterans of WWII

Military/Militaria Sites
     Congressional Medal of Honor Society  The official website of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.
       The highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in
       the Armed Services of the United States.
       Home Of Heroes is a leading Web site for information about patriotism, the Medal of Honor
       and military history. Information on; the Medal of Honor Medal; Flag; and a lot more.
     WWII U.S. Veterans Website  This Internet Website is dedicated to the millions of men and women
        and the over 800,000 mothers and fathers from the United States who made the ultimate sacrifice for the good
        of free people everywhere. This Website is being put together with the help and experience of all WWII Veterans.
     Military History Website  The Patriot Files ~ Dedicated to the preservation of worldwide military history.
     World War II Timeline & Links  Here is a timeline of WWII events & collection of links to Web Sites that focus
        on other aspects of WWII.  Units, Battles, Air Power, Ground Forces, Sea Power, Armoured Forces, WWII in General,
        Living History,  Uniforms, Weapons, & Equipment.
     Shrapnel vs Shell Fragments  What is the difference between artillery shrapnel and shell fragments?
     U.S. Army Five-Star Generals  How many U.S. Army five-star generals have there been and who were they?
     Free Military and Historical Art for you - from
        Military History Art by Mark Churms. Warriors, soldiers, warships, planes, famous leaders, generals, wars, battles.
       The Garand Page   This site is about the United States .30 Caliber M-1 Semi-Automatic Rifle.
        The files on this site are copies of the Original Ordnance files. This rifle allowed the United States to enter into
        World War II as the only Army having a semi-automatic rifle as standard issue.
       Garand M1   This site is on the United States Caliber .30 M1 Rifle, better known as the M-1 Garand.
       Thompson Sub Machine Gun   The Thompson was most popular among specialized troops such as Rangers,
        Marine Raiders, armored and parachute units. It became somewhat of a status symbol and was eagerly sought after.
        Even today many veterans consider it the best weapon of WWII.  Browning Machine Gun Parts & Accessories.
     Military Radio Wireless Workshop Old time Military Radio, Military Wireless, 405 Line TV's, Telephones,
        Tape Recorders, Broadcast Radio's, Amateur Radio, Test Equipment, Morse Keys, Rally Information, Manuals, for sale. Book: Army Infantry Boot Camp: Did your recruiter "forget" to mention this?
Military Shows online guide to everything military.
        For information regarding upcoming MVT, MVPA, and other shows & events.

General Sites of Merit
     Curioscape - The Internet's Exclusive Directory for Antiques and Collecting on the Net. - Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, pleas for help,
        urban legends, prayer requests and calls to action to see if they are TRUTH! or FICTION!
     Secret Worlds: The Universe Within
     Kartoo : Interesting Flash Search Engine - type in a query in the white bar upper left and check out the wild way the return the results
     Antique Automobile Club of America - Host of the Hershey Show
     Art Glass For Sale - Premium Antique, Vintage, & Modern Tiffany, Steuben, Quezal, Loetz, Orient & Flume, Abelman, Corriea, Lundberg, and Murano Art Glass from 1900 - 2006.
     Facts About the Laws of Governance and Traffic Regulatory Laws
     Calif DMV Loopholes
     Advantage Mortgage / ~ Track This $1 Bill ~ Currency Tracking Study ~ Follow this $1 Bill's life & travels
United States Currency Tracking Project ~
United States Currency Tracking Project ~

Technologically advanced and moving remembrances of the World Trade Center and Sept. 11. Turn on your speakers, (on one, while the photos load the site scrolls the words to the background music). Then the show really begins, and it isn't over when the song ends either.
    "Can't Cry Hard Enough"    and    America Attacked 9 1 1

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