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The MILITARY JEEP WEB RING is a circle of people and their web sites.
All of whom have an interest in the jeeps of WWII and other military jeeps.

We welcome new sites! Please join. Add your web site to the chain. We want large web sites and small web pages. Some of you have completely restored jeeps, others have just started restoration. Even if you only have a few pics posted of your partially restored jeep, all web pages are welcome. Others who join will have major web sites dedicated to restoring Military Jeeps, mfg. by Willys & Ford, and outfitting them with proper accessories, accouterments and militaria.  To Join, see below.

For those unfamiliar with web rings, what they offer is an unbroken chain (list) of personal homepages/websites with all sites on the list belonging to people with a similar interest.  In this case, it is military jeeps.  All sites would display the official WWII MB/GPW JEEP WEB RING Table of Links with Logo.  From this Table, all sites are linked to each other.  By clicking on links in the table, a list of all member sites appears along with a link to each site.  By clicking on a link, the surfer is taken directly to the member's site he has chosen.  New members are encouraged to join.  Joining is easy and entails nothing more that filling out a short form, agreeing to display the official table & logo on your web page, and then actually doing so.  We supply all the necessary instructions and code to add the official table and logo to your own web site.

What joining offers to Military Jeep Web Ring website members;
It increases traffic to your own site.  You get exposure you would otherwise not get.  It helps to establish your 'presence' on the web.  It is a way of sharing your hobby with others.  You get to be part of a group, and you can make new friends, connections, and network.

What the websurfer gets;
 You can surf aimlessly for hours, wasting time, with little result. By using a web ring to surf, you have a much, much higher probability of finding what you are looking for. (Assuming 'it' involves a military jeep in this case).

     If you have a site that is geared (pun is intended) towards Military Jeeps then please sign up today.
Other sites aimed at Willys Flat Fenders, Army Jeeps, Military Vehicles, Militaria are eligible for submission as well.
All submittals subject to review for appropriateness.
  1. Fill out the information in the short form and submit it.
  2. Click HERE next or Go To the Military Jeep Webring Hub page and click on the "Join This Ring" link (upper right side of page).
  3. Go to your own web site and add the HTML fragment you copied from the 'Join This Webring' page to your webpage.
  4. I will check your site to see if the Table and Logo are there and that it is a jeep/WWII/militaria/military vehicles website.
  5. If all is good, you will be notified, and your web site will be placed on the active list.
If in the future you need to modify your information, here is a link to Log In at the WebRing Control Center.
         Ring ID= MBGPWring

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