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Military Jeep WebRing
- These sites are dedicated to restoring WWII Jeeps - the MA, MB, GP, GPW - mfg. by Willys & Ford from 1941-1945, and outfitting them with proper accessories, accoutrements and militaria. These are the models that started it all <tipping hat to Bantam for being the first inventor/builder of Jeeps in 1940>. Also the MBT/T-3 Trailers, mfg. by Willys & Bantam. Worldwide, Jeeps are the #1 most recognized vehicles ever built.

Jeep Willys WebRing - 84 site(s)
- The Jeep Webring exclusively for the "early Jeep": WILLYS. They deserve their own Ring, for both their historical grandeur as well as their increasing popularity. For the WILLYS enthusiast as well as for the WILLYS owner. The WILLYS was the very first Jeep -- and this Ring honors the modern day Willys-Overland 4x4 vehicle and showcases websites devoted to it's continued appreciation.

Bone Stock Web Ring -- 2 site(s)
- A Web Ring for Stock Jeeps®. Bone Stock out of the box OEMs! An unmodified Jeep is a Beautiful Thing. Not everyone has to be extreme! Sure maybe some bigger tires, new shocks, filter or some basic mods are Great. This is a Jeep® you take to work on the weekdays and play at the beach on weekends. Comprised of guys and gals who just want to have a basic stock Jeep®. No Heavy "It's a Jeep® Thing" Lines... Just Bone Stock Jeeps® Spoken Here.

Jeep M201 - 6 site(s)
- This ring is dedicated to those who love Jeep M201 hotchkiss willys (no commercial site) Ce ring est dédié uniquement à la M201 (aucun site professionnel) let's us know and join us it's free

Jeep Restoration Projects - 26 site(s)
- Finally, a Jeep Ring for restoration projects -- Jeeps rescued from oblivion and rebuilt, refabricated or restored. Special emphasis placed on historical accuracy, part's locations and Willys/CJ's. For the devoted "hands-on" Jeep lover who sees a diamond in the rough.

The M715 Zone Webring - 10 site(s)
- This webring is a source of information, both technical and non-technical, photos, history, service info. and contact info. for other owners of M-715/M-724/M-725/M-726 military vehicles made by the Kaiser Jeep Company between 1967 and 1969. There is a club on Yahoo!, called "The M715 Zone" that has spawned many of the other sites and much of the technical info. Membership is free to all. Feel free to join!!

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M715 Zone Webring
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The M715 Zone

WW2, Aviation, Militaria, History

 World War II Web Ring - 799 site(s)      full
- A ring for ALL sites containing stories, information or links to anything regarding World War II. Come here for the best WWII sites the web has to offer.

WW2 Reenactor’s Webring - 32 site(s)
- This webring is for WWII reenactor websites or those with interest to WWII reenactors. NO Racist or hate groups allowed. All sites must have info pertaining to WWII reenacting or be informational about WWII.

WWII Allied Reenactor Webring - 14 site(s)
- WWII Reenactors- Sites of the Allied forces, American, British, Commonwealth, French and Russian reenactors & living history. Dedicated to preserving history, and teaching others.

- Join NEW RING! Featuring valuable information about World War II in the Pacific theatre 1941 to 1945. From the Japanese Navy’s carrier borne raid on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to the famous Naval battles of Coral Sea, Midway, Leyte Gulf. US marines landings at Tarawa, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Okinowa. US Navy cruisers and destroyers, Imperial submarines, USS Indianapolis, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other battlewagons. Kamikaze attacks on American vessels, U.S.S. Yorktown and more.

WWII aircraft - 54 site(s)
- This webring is for any website that has pictures or information on any aircraft that fought in World War II!

Warbirds of WWII - 22 site(s)
- A great ring full of warbird sites. Helpful in research or just finding some awesome websites about the planes we love. Featuring many sites with aircraft data, stories, pictures, sounds, and movies!

Squadrons Of World War II - 13 site(s)
- Dedicated To Keeping Their Memory Alive! Uniting All Web Sites Relating To The Squadrons Of World War II.

World War II Aviation Web Ring - 84 site(s)
- World War Two Aviation. Sites within this web ring highlight the U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Navy, RAF, Luftwaffe, Soviet air forces, IJA and IJN aviation units, aircraft, organizations, air battles, people and places that participated in aerial warfare during the Second World War.

U.S. Army Air Forces in the CBI - 26 site(s)
- A grouping of websites which promote, report and highlight the activities of U.S. Army Air Force units and personnel in the China-Burma-India theater before, during, and immediately following, World War II. Some sites are tributes to individuals, some commemorate units, and others offer information, personnel lists and/or images of individuals and units.

8th Air Force - 11 site(s)
- The 8th Air Force webring joins all sights related to the 8th Air Force, past and present. The 8th Air Force was stationed in East Anglia during WWII, and flew against targets in France, Germany and the low countries. The 8th Air Force was created at Savannah, Georgia and now is headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana.

World War 2 Bomber and Fighter Airfields - 4 site(s)
- This ring is to include any site related to WW2 bomber or fighter airfields. Also could include any veteran, group, or squadron sites.

Warbirds Wreck Sites - 14 site(s)
- Pictures and information pertaining to WW2 Aircarft Wreck Sites. Battle of Britain Aircrew, Squadrons and Aircraft etc

B-24 Web Ring - 56 site(s)
- This webring is specifically for people who have B-24 Liberator information, pictures or history on their homepages. WWII information is also welcomed.

European Air War Web Ring - 151 site(s)
- European Air War Webring. Also contains information on WW II aviation.

Society of Bomber Command Historians - 47 site(s)
- The Society of Bomber Command Historians (SBCH) goals are: To ensure that the true story and efforts of Bomber Command and the sacrifices of both the men and women who served within the Command are made known. To act as a forum for researchers to share information To act as a support / special interest group for anyone with an interest in Bomber Command. Whenever possible, act as a technical resource for historical period pieces, such as documentaries, books, and movies.

BEST Bombers and Fighters - 38 site(s)
- Only "The BEST" Bomber and Fighter aircraft web sites are presented in this ring.

103rd Cactus Division of WWII - 1 site(s)
- 103rd Cactus Division Headquarters MP Signal Quartermaster Band 328th Combat Engineer 328th Medical 382nd Field Artillery 383rd 384th 409th Infantry Regiment 410th 411th 803rd Ordnance 928th Officers Haffner McAuliffe veteran world war II service photos awards medals Bronze Star Purple Heart Silver DSCross reunion alumni corps 103d birt insignia Rhineland Rhine Germany memorial servicemen geneology history rank camp New Mexico Colorado Arizona Rocky Mountain Division Vosges Alsace campaign

WWII Aircraft and Group Information - 1 site(s)
- WWII Aircraft and Group Information

- This Web Ring Is Dedicated The The Pilots & Crews Of The Finest Naval Aviation Squadrons Ever. Fighter Pilots Make Movies, Attack Pilots Make History!

VRC-50 RING - 14 site(s)
- To promote a web presence of former members of the U.S. Navy Squadron called VRC-50. To help promote the VRC-50 Association (not-for-profit) and its endeavors. All former members of VRC-50, as well as anyone else wishing, may join the ring.

RAF Liberator Squadrons - 12 site(s)
- The RAF Liberator Ring is for all the men and women of the RAF, RAAF, RCAF, SAAF and other Commonwealth Airforces who operated the B-24 Liberator. It is a place to share information, research, stories & memories. To make contact with others that share common interests, or who are looking for relatives or long lost friends.

World War 2 Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers - 11 site(s)
- The history, photographs and details of World War II Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier's, Royal Navy Squadron's, Fleet Air Arm, British Pacific & East Indies Fleets, Royal Navy ships, Associations and any other World War II theatre.

H.M.S. Vengeance - Aircraft Carrier - 6 site(s)
- This WebRing is dedicated to all World War II Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier's, Fleet Air Arm and Royal Navy Squadron's. If you have a Website that fits this criteria, it will be welcomed.

American Military History Ring - 27 site(s)
- A ring to promote and encourage learning and interest in the military history of the great United States of America, and its citizens.

Patch Collectors Ring - 142 site(s)
- The Patch Collectors Ring is for patch collectors of all genre. Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Search & Rescue, EMS, Space Missions, Boy Scouts just to name a few. All are welcome.

Militaria Collector's Network - 51 site(s)
- The Militaria web sites of the Militaria Collector's Network, the M.C.N.

World Militaria Dealers Webring - 35 site(s)
- Militaria Dealers worldwide listed here, If you are a buyer, seller collector or investor in militaria ... this is your place. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, British, Italian, German, Japanese, French, Nazi, Russian, Soviet, Austrailian, American, Militaria dealers in European and Asian Wars, Civil War, WW1 WW2, Vietnam, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Presidents and world leaders, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler and other famous Personality Items, Militaria dealers & shops.

Military Products Webring - 39 site(s)
- MILITARY PRODUCTS and MILITARY ACCESSORIES Webring is an easy way to access military related merchandise. Do you know a veteran of VIETNAM, DESERT STORM, or the PERSIAN GULF conflicts? We have the perfect GIFTS. Are you getting ready for VETERAN's DAY? We have UNIFORMS. When it comes to military products, accessories and services, you can find what you want from us. SHOW YOUR COLORS! ~ WEAR WITH PRIDE!

FIND EVERYTHING MILITARY - Just One Click! - 57 site(s)
- MILITARY LINKS - JOIN NOW! Air force, Navy, Army, Military History websites. Militaria, collectors, wargames, military books, magazines, computers, miniatures, arms, armourers, medals, guns, muskets, swords, artillery & weapons. Military artists/galleries. Napoleonic, Civil Wars, soldiers, generals, officers, Wild West, Battlefields. Ancient Greek/Roman, medieval knights, World Wars, WWII, American/British/ Regiments, naval, US/Royal Navy battleships, aircraft carriers. Clubs & Associations.

The Military Webring - 8 site(s)
- Ring composing of sites with anything that has to do with the military. Aviation, tanks, guns etc.

Civil Air Patrol Webring - 6 site(s)
- If you are affiliated with the Civil Air Patrol or if you have a CAP squadron website, feel free to join. Anyone can join as there is no state preference. You may place the navigator bar on your index page or on a webring page. International pages are welcome. All pages must be surf safe. Links or references to individuals or companies does not constitute an endorsement of any information, product, or service you may receive from such sources.

Tiger Squadron Webring - 6 site(s)
- A world wide weblink of military(army, navy, marine or airforce)aviation squadrons that use a Tiger as their emblem, logo or mascot.

USAF Squadron Webring - 33 site(s)
- Fly one on one or in Squad matches. Check out the Squadrons in this ring to find other USAF pilots.

- This Ring includes any website specfically focusing on the USAF and its DoD domains. Home of Military Mall & Jeep Country USA -- this Webmaster has 4 years experience with Web Rings. Home includes over 1500 targeted USAF links and will serve as a great reference tool. If you truely love the Blue Angels or are an Active Member, ROTC, or USAF family, please include your AF Website on this Ring ! 10-4

Civilian JEEP Models

1987-95 Jeep® Wrangler Web Ring (YJ RING) - 262 site(s)
- Do to the world as a whole and CJ owners looking down on the Jeep YJ (Wrangler) for it not being a "real" Jeep, I have assembled this collection of sites to illustrate the great love that we YJ owners have for our rigs. If style and square headlights are cool by you, surf this ring.. It's a Jeep thing..

The Jeep TJ Webring - 120 site(s)
- When the square-headlighted Wrangler ceased production in 1995, Chrysler decided to switch to an all new design incorporating the best of old and new. Round headlights, improved suspension, improved everything. With the same versatility as it's CJ and YJ cousins, the TJ has found it's nitch in Jeeper's history.

Sahara Webring  -- 6 site(s)
- This Webring is for the TJ Sahara owners out there

The Jeep CJ Webring - 352 site(s)
- Being the most widely produced "Jeep" model, the CJ spanned many years. From the war-based flat-fendered CJ-3's to the most-produced CJ-5s, the stretched CJ-6s and CJ-8s and the last of the CJs, the CJ-7.. this ring includes them all!

JEEPS & Jeeping

Jeep® Canada - 49 sites
- This ring is for all Canadian Jeep® lovers and owners. From MBs to Grand Cherokees, AMC to Willys, if it says "Jeep®", it belongs here.

JEEP - 13 site(s)
- The ‘JEEP’ webring. Brought to you by This ring is open to all ‘JEEP’ sites. Wranglers, Cherokees, Wagoneers, Comanche, Scamblers, Renegades, Laredos, Commandos, KJ, XJ, Military, CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, YJ, TJ, WW2, Willys, MA, MB, Hotchkiss, Ford, Bantam, M38, M38 A1, M606 A2, J-series pick-ups, soft top and hard top jeeps, and many more Jeeps sites.

JEEPS - 11 site(s)
- by , The ‘JEEPS’ webring is open to all ‘JEEP’ sites. Wranglers, Cherokees, Wagoneers, Comanche, Scamblers, Renegades, Laredos, Commandos, KJ, XJ, Military, CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, YJ, TJ, WW2, Willys, MA, MB, Hotchkiss, Ford, Bantam, M38, M38 A1, M606 A2, J-series pick-ups, soft top and hard top jeeps, and many more Jeeps sites.

Jeep Nuts!! - 9 site(s)
- Anything Jeep, if it has to do with Jeeps, put it up! Any and ALL Jeepers welcome!!

Jeep Talk Webring - 23 site(s)
- Ring for any and all Jeep sites. Whether you have a home page or an entire site. This is the place for all things ®Jeep.

JU Webring - 40 site(s)
-'s Forum Users Webring. If you are a user of the Forums, then feel free to enter your webpage into the webring.

Jeep Junkies Webring - 476 site(s)
- This webring is a collection of sites dedicated to all Jeep vehicles. As the oldest and the largest of the Jeep Webrings, it represents the early military models and flatfenders to the TJ's. Any websites with Jeep as the main theme are invited to join. Don't forget about all the Jeep pickups, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees too!

EARTH:JEEP - 225 site(s)
- Open to any and all Jeep enthusiasts or owners: Jeeps from AJ to ZJ, with an emphasis upon ecological consciousness and sharing of Jeep adventures. There is . . . only One Earth - Off-road wisely. Jeep: the vehicle with a great history and a great heritage.

"R" Jeeps WebRing - 10 site(s)
Ok here is a fresh web site for us to make into what ever we want. So send your suggestions or comments to . Check back soon to see what's new. A place for all Jeep lovers to meet and show off our rides.

JEEP WONDERS - 7 site(s)
- 4wheelers unite. Pictures of Jeeps, places to go wheelin', and much more. Include you site to Let 4x4's stay Alive

Jeepin' Guys and Jeepin' Girls Web Ring - 24 site(s)
- A web ring for Jeepin' people of all kinds. Any sites that have anything to do with Jeepin' are welcome. If you have a Jeepin' Guy or a Jeepin' Girl web site you need to join this ring!

Jeepin' Together - 5 site(s)
- Do enjoy getting your Jeep covered in mud. Do you like the feel of crawlering over rocks. Then join this ring. This ring is all about jeeps. Get help, share stories, or even find new friends.

Off Roading

MuddyTires - 78 site(s)
- The ultimate in four wheel drive rings. Bringing the best of the off road community together for laughs and thrills.

The Mud-lovers webring - 76 site(s)
- For those who love.. nah... CRAVE mud and muddy water, this ring is for you. For all the river-crossing, down and dirty, caked in mud and still surviving four-wheel drivers out there.. this one's for you!

4x4Extreme - 69 site(s)
- is your complete online four wheel drive web ring with current off road information, events, clubs, trails, news and tech tips. Featuring a competitive warehouse to outfit your vehicle.

The RockCrawlers Webring - 121 site(s)
- For all those that brave the rocks with massive tires, articulate lifts and other tricks.. this is Their Jeep Webring. All 4x4 pages that feature rock crawling are welcome to join. Rad pics and big radials are even better!

The 4x4 WebRing - 40 site(s)
- This ring contains any kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle. The sites may contain anything from mudding to rock crawling or just beginning sites.

'Four Wheel Driving And Off Road Vehicle - 34 site(s)
- 4x4 & OffRoaders, this is dedicated to you all. If you have a 4WD site join us. Learn about four wheel driving. Australian desert trek? Tips and trick on OffRoad driving. Browse through some great 4WD links. let others learn the outdoor sport of 4x4 driving. Increase traffic to your web site FREE information.

offroading - 20 site(s)
- Webring devoted to hardcore offroaders, mud and mayhem.

Offroading Webring - 15 site(s)
- 4-wheeling adventure in the great outdoors. All types of 4-wheeling and adventures. Hiking, atving, 4-wheeling, motorcycles and even mountain biking. This is for all types of outdoor activities.

Four by Four and More - 6 site(s)
- For all 4x4 oriented Clubs,activites, wholesalers,and retailers.

!tzalist - 4X4 and OFFROAD RING - 6 site(s)
- This !tzalist ring is open to all 4x4 owners and offroad related websites. Including four wheel drive SUVs, jeeps, cars, trucks, go carts, off road racing pics, 4WD clubs etc.

Under the Jeep Corporate Umbrella

Postal Jeep® Web Ring - 6 site(s)
- This Web Ring is for those of us who enjoy the activities involved with owning and restoring the retired Postal Jeeps®.

Jeepster Commando Webring - 15 site(s)
- Webpages for and about Kaiser/AMC Jeepster Commandos and their owners, providing information, help, and support for the community. .

Full Size Jeep® Web Ring - 35 site(s)
- Dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of Full Size Jeeps - 1962-1983 Wagoneer, 1962-1988 Gladiator / J-trucks, 1974-1983 Cherokee, and 1984-1992 Grand Wagoneer.

Jeep® Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Webring - 131 site(s)
- This webring is for all the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee lovers. These wagon-based off-road machines may not look to amazing but wait until you see them in their natural climate.. off the road! This ring is for all those who drive and love these vehicles...

Old Trucks - 54 site(s)
- Web ring for ALL pre 1960 trucks of any make and model. Including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Fargo, International (IHC), Mercury and more. Anyone is welcome.

The words "Jeep" Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, are all copyrighted and trade marked
to Daimler-Chrysler Corporation.KII Ltd. Brian's military Jeeps nor it's associates are in any way associated with the Daimler-Chrysler Corp.

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Member of Web Guard ~ Stop Bandwidth Bandits and Internet Image Thieves.
Please don't pirate my pictures or text. Ask my permission.
Copyright © 1998-2011 Brian French. All Rights Reserved