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Click for another pic of Brandy Swimming in the river at the 2002 Northern Calif. Big Bear Jeep Rally
My dog, Brandy

Me and Brandy : she's the best

Me and Brandy : Big Bear 2002

Click for another pic of my manx
My cat

My Favorite Pics & My Other 4x4's

Me and my 1st Jeep : I still have it

Me & Proud USMC Gunnery Sergeant, Drill Instructor & actor - R. Lee Ermey

Me & Flying Tiger Dick Rossi

Me & Flying Tiger Chuck Older

Me & Peggy Chennault Lee (Daughter of Flying Tiger Gen. Claire Lee Chennault)

Me & the Palm Springs Air Museum's P-40 

My Safari Toyota : Yes, it's a snorkel.

Lightning Bolt #1 : This Jeep CJ-7 has a 360 V-8

Lightning Bolt #1 - 1st Place Winner at a Jeep Show

Me at Rick Strini's Art Glass Studio in Santa Cruz, CA

Some pieces in my Art Glass Collection

In the Drivers Seat of a WWII Army Jeep

My Nephews In the Drivers Seat of a WWII Army Jeep

First Year displaying my WWII Jeep at the El Toro Air Show (MCAS El Toro, CA)

WWII Jeep Rear View

WWII Jeep Side View (incorrect shovel & hood #)

WWII Jeep with 50cal Browning M2 Heavy Barrel Machine Gun

Topside with a 30cal Browning M1917 Water Cooled Heavy Barrel Machine Gun

Ground Mount M1917 .30HB

Here's looking at you.

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