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Shipping Tools
My Shipping & Return Policies
UPS Homepage
USPS Homepage
USPS International Rate Calculator
Zip Code Finder or Zip + 4 Finder

Area Code Finder
Online Calculator
Price per Unit Comparison Calculator
Ebay Time to US Time Zone Conversion Chart
Ebay Time to World Time Conversion Chart
Foreign Currency Converter
Foreign Language Translator
Morse Code Converter
Encryption / Decryption Tool
Online Privacy Test Tool
Spyware Removal Tools
Satellite Map Locator
Mortgage Cost Calculator
File Size Conversion Tool
Temperature Conversion Tool
Hexadecimal HTML True Color Chart
Birthday Day Calculator
Website Link Generator Tool

Remote Control for this site
Remote for Netscape & IE only - Not for AOL browsers

Contact Tools
Email Me - SpamBot
Email a Friend - ReferralBot
Join My Mailing List - eMailBot
Brian's Military Jeeps' Guest Book
WWII Jeep Bulletin Board

Ask Jeeves Multiple Search
Search Engine Comparison Guide
Guide to using Different Search Engines
Public Libraries 24hour Online Reference
Email Address Search
Domain Name Registries Worldwide Master List
Book Value Search
Acronym Finder
US Patent Number Search

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