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My Want List. I will buy/Trade for the parts need. If you can help, email me. Thanks for looking, Brian
My Want List. I will buy/Trade for the parts need.
If you can help, email me. Thanks for looking, Brian

The Things I Need For:

Please help me restore My 1942 GPW Jeep
Please help me restore one of the lowest serial# GPW's; 
#327   DOD: 2/5/42
Thanks in advance for any help.
1941 & 1942 GPW Jeep Manuals, Parts or Maintenance, orig. need 1 each
Adjustable Wrench,  "GPW" need 1
Elbow, Fuel/Oil Line, (brass)   "F" or "GPW"  need 6
Gas Can Holder/Carrier/Rack,   "F" or "GPW"  need 1
Gas Can Strap Bracket,  "F"  need 1
Hose Clamps, Radiator,   "Ford"  need 8
Inner Windshield Arms,   "F" need 2
Knob ""B/O Drive"" Metal,  need 1
Lube Chart Holder Straps,   "F" need 2
Master Cylinder,   "F" or "GPW"  need 1
Pedal Arm, Clutch,  "F"   or "GPW-7520" need 1
Rear View Mirror,   "F" need 1
Rifle Rack,   "F" need 1
Safety Strap Snap Hooks,   "F"  need 2
Safety Strap Swivel Brackets,  "F"  need 2
Tube/Shaft, Brake Pedal, (1 ear) "F"  "GPW-2473" need 1
Windshield Frame to cowl Bracket "F"  need 2
Windshield Frame, Inner     "F" need 1
Windshield Frame, Outer,   "F" need 1
Windshield Thumbscrews,  "F"  need 2
Please help me restore My 1942 Slatgrill MB Jeep
1941 & 1942 MB Jeep, Parts Manual and/or Maintenance Manual need 1 each
Brass Windshield Hold Down Lower Clamp Catches (Dash Mount) need 2
Brass Safety Strap Snap Hooks with thumb catches need 2
Tow Hooks, Curved "Ram's Horn" style - PIC need 4
USMC Lifting Rings for Front & Rear Bumpers - PIC need 4
Roller Fairlead for Rope Winch, also fits CJ-2A's - PIC1 - PIC2 need 2
Capstan Winch Jeep Parts. Any and All parts wanted
Please help me restore My MBT, K-38, and M-416 Jeep Trailers
MBT Trailer, Tandem Trailer Kit Frame Brackets need 1
K38 / K-38 Trailer, Data Plate, Repro or NOS, or used WWII need 1
K38 / K-38 Trailer, Lifting/Tiedown Loops for Wheel Lug Nuts need 2
K38 / K-38 Trailer, Light Cage for Box Lid need 1
K38 / K-38 Trailer, Manuals, orig.  need 1
M416 / M-416 (M151 / M-151) Early Aluminum/Mag Rims need 2
Wanted Singles or Pairs
1939 California        (Non Pass, or Low or Unique #ís only)
1939 California        Treasure Island Worlds Fair Booster
1941 California        (All Plate Types)
1942 California        (All Plate Types or date strips)
1943 California        (V-Tabs - Normal or Reversed colors)
1944 California        (Metal Tab w/ Black Bear on it)
1944 California        (Windshield Sticker)
1945 California        (Non Pass, or Low or Unique #ís only)
1942 Alaska
1942 Georgia
1942 New Brunswick - Canada
1942 Newfoundland - Canada
1942 Northwest Territory - Canada
1942 Prince Edward Island - Canada
1942 Quebec - Canada
1942 Yukon - Canada
1942 Manila - Philippines
1942 Mexico 
1942 Puerto Rico
1942 Panama 
1942 Canal Zone
1942 China
1942 Australia
1942 New Zealand
What others have you got in the 1941-1945 range?
Military License Plates & License Plate Toppers
     Bases, Camps, Forts, Fields, Victory, etc (but not US forces plates)
Please let me know if you can help me with any of these other items I am looking for. Thank you. WANTED: 
Army Motors, Military Vehicles, & Supply Line Magazine back issues:  See List Here
Blood Chits
I buy/Trade WWII JEEP Parts.  What do you have extra of?
I collect many other antiques that I would trade jeep parts for as well -   See List Here
email me if you have a question, or you see something broken on this website.
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