My Jeep Collection
1941 Ford GP prototype with 4-wheel steering,

1941 Willys Slatgrill MB Jeep Serial #157,

1942 Willys Slatgrill MB Jeep Serial #15xxx,

1942 Ford Script GPW Jeep Serial #327,

1942 Bantam T-3 1/4ton Jeep Trailer,

1943 Willys MBT 1/4ton Jeep Trailer,

1944 USMC prototype 1/4ton Jeep Trailer,

1945 Bantam T-3 1/4ton Jeep Trailer (USMC),

1945 Bantam T-3 1/4ton Jeep Trailer  (Navy),

1939 K38 Linesman 1/8ton Jeep Trailer,

1967 Stevens M-416 1/4ton Jeep Trailer Serial #1000,

1976 Jeep CJ7 w/360 V8,

1979 Jeep CJ7 w/360 V8,

The Everyday Driver and truck we take to all the shows:
1993 Toyota SR-5 Xtra-cab V6 4WD PU with water fording.
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Some Photos of above vehicles appear on My Favorite Pics Page and on Hall of Fame/ Customers' Jeep Pics Page.

Events Attended

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Thanks Don!
Artwork Courtesy of:
Don Henderson
see more of his art & his Jeep website at:

Prisma Inc.
The Waterfront Bldg.
200 First Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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